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Spend little money on the most important things, says Kanapé

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The ABOP/PL group’s chairman, Obed Kanapé, demanded that the government identify priorities with the few resources it has available during the budget debate. He urged the government to invest in public works, the judicial system, the police, and the creation of sustainable transportation options for the people. He claims that these ministries serve as the face of the entire government, which explains why.

The budget, according to Kanapé, does not make it very obvious what the government’s priorities are, and it appears that parliament must determine these priorities. He stated that the government must make sure the manufacturing sector is not impacted when enacting policies.

Kanapé noted that if people are unable to make purchases, the manufacturing industry would simply begin to produce and nobody will be able to make purchases. According to Kanapé, people can comprehend that the gasoline subsidy is being phased away, but the government must make investments to create a viable public transportation system. As a result, there is excellent public transportation available and the high prices imposed by private persons are not borne by the general public.

He urged the government to take charge of making sure that people have what they need rather than leaving the welfare of the populace in the hands of entrepreneurs. Kanapé urged the administration to refrain from include items in the budget if there are insufficient funds to carry them out. According to him, it makes no sense to spend hours talking about things if they will not be implemented in the end.






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