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Somohardjo supports project approach to menstrual poverty

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There are many women in Suriname who finds it difficult to obtain products that can help relieve menstruation. These products are also still too expensive to guarantee adequate provisions for menstrual hygiene; the so-called menstrual poverty.

It has been estimated that 500 million women worldwide are experiencing this problem. Minister Bronto Somohardjo finds it unacceptable in these times that so many women have to choose between a plate of food or products for the menstrual period.

The minister’s opinion is that all schools should be equipped with these necessary hygiene products so that women have easier access to them. The minister has asked his working arm, Bureau Gender Affairs, to support Henry MacDonald’s project. This is because of its policy-making role in safeguarding women’s rights and health.

The Office has the ability to address and address gender issues more easily and quickly.

President Chan Santokhi, chairman of the Caricom, also has gender in his portfolio. Minister Somohardjo said that he is convinced that now is the right time to accelerate this project so that the president can also bring it to the attention of the other Caricom member countries.






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