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SLM investigation: Jessurun and Bissessur interrogated as witnesses

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Former president of the Surinamese Aviation Company (SLM), Xaviera Jessurun, was extensively interrogated by the Judicial Intervention Team on Sunday. Last week, Prenobe Bissessur was also heard as a witness about his contract of 17,500 euros per month and his role at the SLM.

According to the news press, people who have been heard must also submit underlying documents to support their statements. Various members of the Supervisory Board were also heard by the investigation team. In addition to the investigation into the SLM, the Public Prosecution Service is also involved in alleged fraudulent acts at the Suriname Energy Companies. Two teams are being investigated.

The SLM has imposed a travel ban on Bissessur and Jessurun. Ex CEO of the SLM, Paul de Haan, who fled the country, has not yet been heard. It was made to understand that work will be done on this during the week. De Haan has previously stated that he is available through his lawyers. So far, no one has been identified as a suspect.




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