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SLM 60th Anniversary midst crisis

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In the midst of the crisis, in which a criminal investigation is underway, the Surinamese Aviation Company (SLM) is commemorating its 60th anniversary. The company said that it is the 60th anniversary of Surinam Airways which heralds a new era and they will have to push to greater heights together in the love for the company and among each other.

It is a diamond jubilee. A diamond is carbon crystallized under enormous pressure and heat. Surinam Airways is the Surinamese diamond that has managed to keep its head above water under enormous pressure and heat, despite the situation that has arisen. Diamonds can be seen in every color imaginable and the ‘fancy company colors’ of Surinam Airways such as red, yellow and orange will have to be reflected again due to the 60 years of cutting and cleaving this diamond.

The company said further that without the support and trust of the traveling public, Surinam Airways would not have been able to last for 60 years. With all their might, they are working towards a stable period where they can proudly say: “flying on trusted wings!”



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