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Six cambios receive Central Bank intervention

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Minister Stanley Raghoebarsing van Financiën & Planning heeft aangegeven dat er nog geen definitief besluit is genomen over de begroting van SRD 800 miljoen die zijn collega van Binnenlandse Zaken...

Four cambios’ licenses have not been renewed by the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS). Two further cambios’ licenses have been revoked. The parent bank made this choice since the permit’s requirements were not satisfied. The Minister of Finance and Planning, Stanley Raghoebarsing, made this announcement in front of the legislature.

It seems that four of these six cambios are still in operation. The legal authorities have been requested to become involved. In conjunction with the beginning of the implementation of the previously mentioned steps to manage the currency rate, the finance minister indicated that the CBvS, the government, the Foreign Exchange Commission, and the Public Prosecution Service have met.

Working agreements were formed at a meeting between the cambios holders and Maurice Roemer, the governor of the CBvS. These agreements must make sure that the market in which they operate is free from turmoil and uncertainty.

Regarding the requirement to swap, the minister says that everybody who travels is allowed to do so in accordance with their own preferences. As long as someone can show their tickets, they can exchange money at cambios and banks.

Anyone who wants to import for the essential needs of the neighborhood can typically apply for the cash at their regular bank or cambio. People are not required to be terrified of that. They are required to provide the required paperwork.

The freedom of foreign exchange trade is not intended to be restricted or made more challenging by the recently announced measures. However, they are not there to restrict the freedom of individuals or corporations. The actions are meant to bring about order.

Really, it’s about having freedom with obligations. Raghoebarsing underscores that the measures are not intended to deprive people of their hard-earned money. The minister claims that the goal is to combat illegality.








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