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Simons: There isn’t a difficult dialing method

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C-47 doet niet mee met protestactie ‘Alles plat’

C-47 vakcentrale gaat niet deelnemen aan de geplande actie 'Alles plat' op 24 maart. Dit besluit werd genomen tijdens de Assemblee van de Arbeid. In plaats daarvan gaat de bond zich richten op het ver...

The National Democratic Party (NDP) opposes a convoluted electoral system reform. This was raised during a question from the crowd at the management meeting on Saturday night in Ocer. The NDP, according to vice president Jennifer Geerlings-Simons, has the most straightforward plan to follow the Constitutional Court’s verdict.

Simons stated that the elections ought to take place in 2025, much like party leader Desi Bouterse. Changes to the electoral process must be made as quickly as feasible. You don’t need to go to their level. One says “one guy, one vote,” Simons observed. It will also benefit the NDP if they come up with that. She made it clear that an election system would be useless for Suriname. The nation needs capable politicians.

No later than May 25, 2025, according to Bouterse, should be the deadline for the elections. According to Simons, there is still time to alter the electoral system following the Constitutional Court’s decision. Nothing being done precludes the possibility of postponing the election on this ground. She insisted that the constitution is extremely clear in this case.




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