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Shortage of Fernandes bread and pastry products next few days

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Fernandes Bakery is  struggling at present due to the shortage of baker’s flour. The extra flour imports from the supplier have slowed down somewhat due to a combination of circumstances.

The consequence of the delay makes it difficult for the bakery to  supply the Suriname market  with its bread and pastry products in the coming days.

Fernandes had announced  on September 14, that the availability of bulbs and wheat bread would be limited for the next two weeks, due to an interruption in the supply of baker’s flour from the supplier.  Apparently it’s all over now.

According to the company they are aware of their social responsibility towards the community. So they are working together with the flour supplier  to bring this situation to an end  in order to be able to provide  the market with full range again in the short term.

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