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Sharman unhappy with SRD 100 million for healthcare sector

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Dew Sharman, deputy speaker of the parliament said in conversation with the news press that he’s not completely happy with the amount of SRD 100 million that has been released for the health care sector. His response follows President Chan Santokhi’s annual speech. The purpose of this amount is to give the sector a boost.

He said that personally he thinks that this amount is not enough, because the entire health care system has to be reorganized. And that takes a lot of time. In his opinion there must always be available resources for healthcare, including education.

He also stated that this amount is intended for basic matters. He said that they will see further what will be available in the budget to further strengthen healthcare. He said further that the changes and boosting of this sector need to be discussed.


On the presented budget, he goes on to say that the president has spoken words of hope. He emphasized that Santokhi has spoken about the social section and poverty alleviation. The aspect of safety will also receive special attention, other salient points in the health care sector and also the investments to be made in education.

Another nice point that the president has made for Sharman is visa-free travel to the Schengen countries that are being worked on. A lot of people are waiting for that, the vice-chairman knows.


What he also liked is the support that has been promised to the children from the interior and the districts who come to Paramaribo to study. Doctors should also emerge from this group, he believes.

The MP finds there should be much more invested in young people because they will have to take over later. The head of state has indicated that he wants more involvement of young people in decision-making and implementation processes. Sharman also wants much more to happen in education.

In view of the developments, work needs to be done on the framework. This case needs to be watched. The MP is looking forward to the budget discussion, because matters included in the annual speech will be answered more concretely.













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