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Sewdien impressed with InVitroPlants Grassalco

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Earlier in the day, Nicolas de Lacoste, the French ambassador, and Parmanand Sewdien, the minister of agriculture, livestock, and fisheries (LVV), were given a tour to InVitroPLants Grassalco NV. Philippe Dury, general manager, gave them a tour. France desires deeper cooperation and a tighter partnership with Suriname.

In a cutting-edge laboratory, the Grassalco NV subsidiary produces in-vitro (tissue culture) propagated plant material as a specialty. Additionally, in the Greenhouses, commonly known as “the heart” of InVitroPlants Grassalco, tropical plant material may be grown under the proper conditions. The laboratory is located on the former coffee plantation La Solitude in the Commewijne district.

“My interest, which brought me here, is to observe what kind of plant material is produced and what part can be used for the agricultural sector. To my surprise I was able to observe that all types of plant material can be produced here and are already in production. Banana, ginger, sweet potato, pineapple, cassava, coffee, cocoa and so on are some of the many plant materials,” Sewdien notes.

The minister sees many opportunities for the agricultural sector and farmers can be provided with healthy material. According to him, there is work to be done and the company InVitroPLants can provide Grassalco with plant material. “I will discuss matters with my fellow Secretary of Natural Resources, under whom this company exercises its duties,” Sewdien assures enthusiastically.





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