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Security measures are ramped up

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It has been decided recently during a meeting between President Chandrikapersad Santokhi and Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police that safety measures needed to be increased. Minister Amar Ramadhin of Health, leaders of the various security services and security advisers from the Cabinet of the President were also present at this meeting. The head of state has expressed serious concern about rising and escalating crime.

It has been decided to step up surveillance. The Suriname Police Force (KPS), with the support of the National Army (NL), will conduct road checks and set up roadblocks. Surveillances are also being stepped up. Together with the military, the police will be more visible in society. These measures are part of the KPS’s crime control plan. Neighborhood watch officers and security companies will also be involved to restore the sense of security among citizens.

The authorities also exchanged views on cross-border crime. The various bilateral collaborations will be intensified to combat this form of crime. Communication with society will also be stepped up from the KPS. President Santokhi has made concrete proposals to make up for the shortage of personnel at KPS, such as deploying the reserve police. Furthermore, training and education of inactive officers to become reserve police has been proposed.




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