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Economic transportation is impacted by climate change

According to Wonnie Boedhoe, a former chairman of the VES, the government needs to take far more action regarding climate change and the potential economic effects it may have on the rest of society. ...


At a government press conference, Marie Levens, the minister of education, declared that security will be increased at the various institutions. For instance, the minister stated that the ministry would provide security and the gates would no longer be left open while students were in class. Levens added that parents should avoid gathering with bad people and speak to their kids as often as possible. There are some persons who dress in a blue school uniform before committing crimes. Look around you carefully to see whether you recognize anyone; if not, let the school administration know, urged the minister.

Levens claims that the restart of education will happen again. She claims that starting on Monday, education would be restructured. This is because the SOs that were scheduled to begin on Monday cannot progress because the previous week’s actions caused the schools to be closed for two days. The minister claims that starting on Tuesday, this will be the case.

Many education unions intervened on Thursday and Friday. The FOLS, under the leadership of Marcelino Nerkust, made clear that while they would act, they would not take part in the demonstrations that Stephano “Pakittow” Biervliet had planned for Friday.




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