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School safety must be guaranteed

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Many people in society are worried about their children’s safety in the various schools. In the recent past, it has frequently occurred for students to bring dangerous or other prohibited items to school. Marie Levens, Minister of Education, Science and Culture, (MinOWC), addressed this issue during the program “Informed Circles”.

Together with the police, security at the schools will be managed. According to Levens, there is a national worry about safety, not only in schools. “Safety is in jeopardy across the nation. The school is located in the heart of the community. Therefore, what occurs in society also has an impact on education. As if 100% of education results in unsafe behavior, only things shouldn’t be blown up,” claims Levens.

The panellists in attendance asserted that if what occurs in schools is a reflection of society, it necessitates an approach from the Ministry of Education as well as one in partnership with the Ministries of Social Affairs, Justice and Police, or Labor and Youth Affairs. “A strategy involving the pertinent authorities is required. Helyante Mac Donald, a panellist, remarked, “If attention is devoted to student behavior, it must also be checked what the situation with social policy is.

Transfer policy has received a lot of flak.

The Ministry of Education’s promotion policy is frequently criticized by society. Parliamentarians claim that the current system is flawed and does not operate as it should. Many people believe that the system in which all students move on is detrimental. With the establishment of this system, it has become clear that fifth- and sixth-graders lack basic skills like reading, math, and writing. MPs had also voiced their disapproval of it. They desire proper system operation.

“The system can be good, but let’s do it in phases or in a good way,” it was said. Levens says that the most important thing about the entire flow is that students are no longer allowed to sit down.

She asserts that students do not automatically advance to the following year. The minister asserts that “we have to work for that.”

Leven: “No one is excluded under the current system. Classes are divided into several levels in this fashion, as they always have done. Students who were unable to participate in the past were excluded. No one is left out or marginalized in this educational innovation; that is the only difference. No one should be denied admission to a public school, she argues.

The minister highlighted that treating students unfairly is not acceptable. Levens claims that opening special education facilities for kids who can’t attend regular school is frequently suggested.











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