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Saya requests that the president make contact and conversation with people

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President Chandrikapersad Santokhi has been urged to interact more with society and directly address the populace by businessman Jean “Saya” Mixon. On Saturday, March 18, Mixon was welcomed by the head of state as part of the national conversation. He was a member of the same group as Gautam Mangnoesing. The latter explains that the focus is more on a group that is the head of state’s support system. Mixon asserts that society is aware that, in addition to the financial and economic difficulties Suriname is facing, there are also global crises that have an impact on the nation. He urged the head of state to accept responsibility rather than be bothered by criticism.

Mixon said that people desire harmony and open communication. He claims that there has been little communication with the president. They want to know, among other things, how much something will cost, when it will stabilize, and whether gas prices will change. You are accountable, and they look to you for the solution, the businessman stated. He suggested that the president speak to protestors directly. Although though the country’s plight is well known, Mixon claims that it is not what the public wants to hear.

People don’t want to just hear theory; they want to see it in action. He thinks that taking certain moves will simply cause instability and not help the economy of the nation. Mixon listed a few issues that arise in impoverished areas. He requested the government take action regarding packages and health insurance, among other things. The businessman admits that nothing can be changed in just two years. Mangnoesing, a website that provides advise on topics like agriculture, urged the Haitian community to recognize its contributions to the agricultural industry and also promoted family reunification.

The group was briefed by President Santokhi on a variety of topics, including the delivery of food packages and the SRD 1800 social support program. He will once more initiate physical contact as the head of state. Also, the government is devoted to educating and assisting young people. Through its communication channels, it is willing to engage with the Haitian community. President Santokhi is aware that the entire society must receive the government’s message.





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