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“Sardjoe was adaptable and a huge thinker,” said Brunswijk

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At the well-known businessman Dilip Sardjoe’s burial on Saturday, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk said, “You have gone before us, but the wise lessons will live on.” In the presence of family members and friends from many facets of the community, Dilip Sardjoe was cremated with state honors. President Chan Santokhi was notably absent.

The vice president expressed his gratitude to Sardjoe for the insightful insights that surely helped him in his political career. According to Brunswijk, he made at least monthly trips to Sardjoe. He picked up a lot from the savvy businessman, who also had political understanding, in situations like this.

He said that Sardjoe’s sage advice would continue to guide him in life. “I will definitely miss the numerous political sessions.” He is extremely appreciative to Sardjoe for the friendship and the political teachings as the chairman of the ABOP.

Brunswijk claimed that Sardjoe had a global perspective and consistently prioritized the advancement of his nation. Brunswijk informed his audience that although he was not in the government, he frequently provided advise that was in the best interests of the nation. He refers to Dilip as the previous generation’s Ironman.

According to Brunswijk, he doesn’t think he and Sardjoe’s encounter went smoothly. Dilip: “God removed your body, but not the sage advice you provided me with. You were a man with lofty ideals, aspirations, and business sense, visionary and deep thinker. I appreciate having you as a buddy. Gado wani un sa miti baka, waka bun wan dei.

He also expressed gratitude to the family for giving Dilip to Suriname. At the age of 73, Sardjoe passed away in the Netherlands on January 15.









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