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SAO lowers the cost of training nursing assistant

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On November 28, the Labor Mobilization and Development Foundation (SAO) will begin training nursing assistants. According to director Joyce Lapar, the training has not been offered for a very long period. The training is highly expensive and lasts for a whole year. In order to accommodate those who are interested, a project has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Planning’s Community Projects Bureau. This will result in a student paying only SRD 750 for the entire training. The SAO has created a payment plan for people who are unable to pay the full fee at once.

According to Lapar, the cost of the training has nearly completely disappeared. Those who are interested are urged to register. The student must be at least 16 years old, have attended third class LBO or second class mulo, and have earned a diploma from an industrial school with a care specialization in order to be eligible to participate. The exams are administered by the Ministry of Health.

The SAO provides vocational training to a number of target populations, including early school leavers, those who wish to learn a trade, as well as those who want to continue their education, retrain, or retrain. Additionally, the foundation can be contacted by both employed and jobless people as well as those who want to get involved in community development.




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