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Santokhi: Tourism system needs to be reconsidered

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President Chan Santokhi closed the Tourism Week in Bernharddorp During the closing of Tourism Week in Bernharddorp. President Santokhi points out the importance of the sector that has prospects for the future.

According to President Chan Santokhi, Suriname has favorable future prospects in the tourism sector. Which must be used optimally. Suriname wil have to contemplate on how to attract tourists. He emphasized that visa-free travel to Suriname should attract more tourists. The variety of Surinamese cuisine is another one that will also have to contribute to this. Having well trained staff for the holiday resorts is important for sustainable investment. Tourism must be promoted because of its importance.

Santokhi emphasized at the close of tourism Week in Bernharddorp how crucial this is for economic development. He said that this sector is important to contribute to the well-being of the Surinamese community and to promote and increase the quality of life. The Suriname Communications Service reported that the Government policy is aimed at further regulating and facilitating this sector by developing a high-quality tourism product.

The aim of the Tourism Week was to raise awareness about the sector in the districts and to promote nature and community tourism. The president said it is an opportunity for Suriname to discuss options that can increase the contribution of tourism. Now that Covid-19, has passed it can be said that out of the stress that new opportunities have arisen with tourism. Tourism Week is a good time to engage with stakeholders on this year’s theme, Rethinking Tourism.

The tourism sector requires preparation and cooperation and a sense of interconnectedness. To be able to cope with future challenges. First of all, it concerns the approach of stakeholders in the sustainable development of tourism. In addition, full community involvement is required when it comes to industry transformation. Furthermore, the security guarantee for tourists is of crucial importance. President Santokhi calls on the people to jointly shape the future of tourism in a sustainable way.






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