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Santokhi supports the Social Army

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The motto of the group Social Army, which provided children with a fun day on March 26, 2023, is “Give a little to change a lot.” At that event, President Chandrikapersad Santokhi served as the honorary guest. He met with the board and pledged his support for the organization among other things. Young people’s issues are the subject of this. Social Army’s chairman, Mitch Matroos, talks about a fruitful interview.

Several topics came up during the discussion between the president and the leadership of the Social Army. These issues, in addition to direct Social Army cases, also assist young adults with employment, housing construction, and other construction-related issues. In addition to supporting a youth policy, the government intends to help young people so they can propose ideas for employment in public-private partnerships.

The head of state was earlier invited to the National Dialogue’s opening discussions by the board of Social Army. The early consultations’ recommendations included the creation of an Institute of Youth under the President’s Office. A youthful team is in charge of the organization, and the president has requested them to suggest individuals who can handle the task at the cabinet level for the society’s youth. The head of state declared, “It is crucial that young people are also involved since the decisions we make are for the future and directly affect them.” The head of government believes that this young, social-projects-focused organization is crucial for society, particularly for young people.

According to Matroos, the organization, which has been in existence for 4 years, plans at least 2 events per month. The socially underprivileged, young people, and projects in the interior, such as the creation of a media library and assistance for locals who had lost everything to flooding, are the targets of these events.






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