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Santokhi promises Marowijne students education at university level

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President Chan Santokhi wants to bring part of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname to the Marowijne district.  This is to accommodate students who have completed secondary school, and will have to leave their residential area for education at university level.

We quietly see that children from the interior can now also enjoy education at secondary level in their own living area.  “We want the children to enjoy the university in their area,” the president noted during the commemoration of Maroons Day in the Square on October 10.

Setting up a secondary school in Marowijne is a great relief for the students in that area.  This way, children from the interior can also receive education at a higher level.  This way, children from the interior no longer have to travel to Paramaribo for further education.  They can now stay in their own environment and enjoy education at a technical level and market-oriented education,” he indicated.

Santokhi announced that a department at the university in Marowijne will soon be started.  A study is currently underway on bringing college education to that area.  This is part of what will be started in order to also accommodate students in the area.  “We want to contribute to strengthening the nation,” the head of state said.

Building a secondary school in Para is a great relief for the students in this district and also for the students from Sipaliwini.

Santokhi also indicated during his speech that the children from Apoera will soon be able to travel to Nickerie by road.  The road from Apoera to Nickerie will soon be made passable.  Apoera students will also be able to attend secondary school in Nickerie in the future.  “We want to involve everyone in the development and no one should be excluded,” said Santokhi.



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