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Santokhi is optimistic about the next two years of the government

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The Santokhi government has ruled the nation for exactly three years as of today. The three-year efforts are finally paying off, according to president Chan Santokhi. “After three years of administration, we have reached a stage where structural solutions to the issues are being implemented, and the economy is progressing nicely toward recovery. Even with the framework requirements of the IMF program we work with, there are obstacles and restrictions, but we make sure to take those precautions.

The president stated via the Suriname Communications Service that despite all the major challenges and crises both nationally and internationally, the government has always been steadfast in its vision of sustainable development and a structural approach. The country was left destitute, an immense task to get the financial and economic crisis on track, Santokhi looks back.

“It is widely known that a financial havoc was caused. However, prudent policy of the government has brought about a real turnaround. President Santokhi states that by working hard and implementing the coalition agreement, the Recovery Plan and the IMF program, good policy results have been achieved. All this was achieved in good consultation with social organizations, trade unions, the business community and functional organizations. Suriname has once again acquired a respectable position in the ranks of nations.”

President Santokhi says the second half of the term will start with a different approach; a tighter, targeted approach, with the necessary experience of the challenges of recent years. “We said: we are going to save Suriname, we will make it better! We are not going to do that in a populist way that is not sustainable, as before. We do it in a structural, planned way, in which the policy is spread out in different phases . The results have not failed to materialize. Suriname has met the internationally accepted macroeconomic parameters and the IMF has forecast a growth of 2.3% of the economy. All this has not just happened out of the blue. Heavy sacrifices have been made by everyone. There is now more breathing room, there are more financing options.”

The government will now give all its attention to the citizen; micro level. There will be even more relief, which will be noticeable in the wallets of Surinamese. There will be more investments in housing, projects nationwide, especially in public-private partnerships. “We are going to score goals. The government has already ensured that social benefits are increased and purchasing power is increased. We are also going to fight poverty and give full attention to safety, health care and housing for Surinamese. A bright future lies ahead, but then we have to work harder, so that together we have a beautiful, stronger Suriname, in which to live, work and above all lead a good life.






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