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Santokhi: “In 2023, the nation and its citizens will improve”

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Minister Parmanand Sewdien van Landbouw, Veeteelt en Visserij (LVV) benadrukte dat het beroep van melkboer een roeping is waarvoor liefde voor dieren en toewijding vereist is. Hij sprak met journalist...

The almost-completed year 2022 was likewise wrapped up with a gathering of the ghetto group. According to President Chan Santokhi, the ghetto community has been particularly badly hit by the effects of a weak economy and a precarious financial situation. However, this group will see alleviation in 2023.

From object subsidy to subject subsidy, we are transitioning. The government will save a lot of money by taking this action. The money saved will subsequently be used, among other things, to build houses, allotments, and infrastructure, as well as to fund vocational and academic training.

Santokhi gave the assembled ghetto group members the reassurance that in 2023 the fruits would be reaped and that both the nation and its citizens would advance.

Finally, he expressed gratitude to the organization for its work in 2022 and best wishes for a successful year end and an energetic and fruitful 2023.





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