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Santokhi: Focus on housing next year

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Yesterday, 1,100 land orders were issued in Para. In total 13,000 land decrees have been issued by the government in more than two years. 5,000 was promised until December 2022. President Chan Santokhi said that next year focus will be on the housing aspect. Also a housing seminar will be held next year for companies that are able to contribute to this.

Documents for sites buildings, habitation, agriculture and horticulture are the concerns of Para. Assembly member Ramon Koedemoesoe (ABOP) said that he is pleased with the land allocation, because it meets needy citizens. The Suriname Communications Service reported that he has asked the president also to pay attention to opening up the areas, in order to develop them.

The beneficiaries were encouraged by Minister Dinotha Vorswijk of Land and Forest Management to take charge of their own development with the receipt of their land papers. Citizens who have been eligible for agricultural land has been informed by President Santokhi to take opportunities to borrow cheap capital. He has indicated to them that they can appeal to the National Agribusiness Development Fund and the Small and Medium Enterprises Fund. The head of state points out that there are opportunities in the agricultural sector that can be exploited with the potential and strength of entrepreneurship.





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