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Santokhi at the Liberation Church’s birthday: “Prayer is crucial”

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President Chan Santokhi was present at the Apostolic Liberation Church of Jesus Christ. Together with the Christian community they commemorates the fact that it started its activities on the Molenpad 36 years ago. In his speech, the head of state reflected on the challenges facing society. He pointed out that every citizen, organization or movement have to work on overcoming the challenges.

President Santokhi constantly emphasized the importance of prayer, for which he always received immense support from those that present.

Apostle Muni Radj Singh – spiritual leader of the Apostolic Liberation Church of Jesus Christ – indicated that prayer for Suriname is number one priority on the church’s 36th anniversary. The church leader said that praying for Suriname is crucial, because all citizens will be happy if Suriname prosper. The church leader said that it is time for a new begin so that the refreshing wind of God’s presence be in all parts and aspects of society and all of Suriname.

President Santokhi also pointed that faith is important in the Word of Jesus Christ. He said that because of the lack of knowledge about ‘the Word’ Suriname can go under. The head of state said that he takes responsibility in the position he holds. If every Surinamese does that, there will be a great development in the country. The president said that prayer is crucial because God has a solution to every problem.

According to him, the solutions are partly God’s work. He gave Europe, as an example. And asked what can we do about the war between Russia and Ukraine? We can only pray and trust in the Lord that it will be okay.










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