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Santokhi and Brunswijk: Racism has no place

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President Chan Santokhi and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk discussed the Indian immigrants and their descendants at the opening of the Apravasi Nagar, which showcases the Hindustani culture in Suriname. The ancestors have put in a lot of work and planted the seeds for their offspring’s economic, social, and societal advancement. They have succeeded in moving up the social scale, according to Santokhi. According to Brunswijk, the East Indians have been battling since they arrived in Suriname and have contributed to the nation’s growth, progress, and construction.

Officials from the administration believe that in order to improve the nation, all Surinamese must work together. They contend that racism and prejudice have no place in the multiethnic society of Suriname. According to the Suriname Communication Service, the Sanatan Dharm Mahasabha and the National Jubilee Committee worked together to build the Apravasi Nagar on the Indira Gandhiweg.

It has been 150 years since the first contingent laborers from India stepped foot on Surinamese territory on June 5, 2023. The Head of State stressed in his speech the significance of maintaining a sense of nation-building among all demographic groups. “Let’s make investments in one another and the future. The president highlighted that “building and creation must be done together.”

Santokhi asserts that it’s critical to consider the 150 years of Hindu immigration and to keep in mind one’s forefathers’ past. “We may undoubtedly think back on the route our forefathers took to get from India to Suriname when we study the history of our ancestors. The journey was marked by hardship, oppression, terror, tiredness, grief, and death, but it was also marked by courage, hope, and consolation.






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