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Santokhi: 2023, the year of awakening

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President Chan Santokhi pledges assistance this year. The government will continue to explore for ways to make life bearable in the world we currently live in. The head of state emphasizes that there is no secret formula for this in his message for the new year.

With the help of all parties concerned and everyone, the amount of a package, or measures, will gradually usher in a brighter era. “Whether it is reducing inflation, pricing restrictions, fiscal relief, or new investment.” The head of state believes that after all these actions are taken, the entire society would feel relieved.

“We all have wonderful futures in our nation and a happy existence. And we’re now working to implement those opportunities in industries in a focused, methodical manner.” The president affirms that, within the IMF’s guidelines, the government would offer the necessary financial aid. People with the lowest incomes will receive special attention.

The president of state declared that energy subsidies for those with the highest earnings will gradually be eliminated, but that those with the lowest incomes would benefit from topic subsidies. There will be no sales tax. Payroll tax is not applied to those with taxable incomes below SRD 7,500 per month. SRD 1,800 will be added to social services.

This year, the government is concentrating on completing initiatives and making investments that should stimulate economic growth. Santokhi is sure they will finish the task at hand effectively. He is aware that it will take a lot of effort on everyone’s part to jointly finish the task that was not finished in 2022.






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