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Sadi requests details regarding the SRD 1800 payment

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Last Thursday, Ann Sadi (NDP) requested clarification from the government over the timing of the payment of the SRD 1800 monthly purchasing power increase to people who have been enrolled since February. Senior citizens in particular worry that because they haven’t heard anything, they’ll miss out on the benefit.

The lengthy application process has drawn criticism from Sadi because she believes it can be confusing for many people, especially the elderly. She questions why the government can’t streamline the registration procedure using information from the Pension Fund and AOV Fund.

The minister was urged by DNA Chairman Marinus Bee to expeditiously make persons eligible for assistance. We are aware of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, therefore let’s ensure that those in need of money are helped as soon as possible.

Gregory Rusland, head of the NPS, concurred with Sadi’s concerns and cited comments he received via WhatsApp from people who joined but never heard anything about the increase in purchasing power.






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