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Saamaka farmers receive $300,000 for their cultivation

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Agricultural equipment is made available to farmers in the Saamaka region, which should aid in the modernization of agriculture. According to Granman Albert Aboikoni, agricultural mechanization is essential for ensuring food security. For the benefit of nearby farmers, the Cooperative Association Saamaka Wosu is eligible to receive a grant of more than $300,000.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries’ Suriname Agriculture Market Access Project (SAMAP) includes this project (LVV). In Asidonhopo, the signing took place on Saturday. In the presence of grandman Aboikoni, the agreement was signed by LVV Minister Parmanand Sewdien, Reuben Robertson, a representative of the FAO, a representative of the association, and the LVV Minister.

The Cooperative Association Saamaka Wosu was founded during the first grankrutu. The great chief then declared that everyone agreed that development in the interior would only happen if there was food security. He said it was determined to set aside a separate area for agriculture because of the territory’s size and the great distances between the villages. This is due to the fact that moving large pieces of equipment is exceedingly challenging.

The donation deal includes compost machines, oil presses, and training sessions to encourage the creation of businesses in addition to agricultural machinery, according to LVV. Minister Sewdien thinks it’s critical to assist local agriculture and production. There isn’t much gold mining in this region, but you still need to give people the chance to develop powerful economies for themselves.

The town will soon receive an excavator that LVV pledged to provide a year ago; it has already been acquired, according to the minister. Entrepreneurs who had previously increased their output with the aid of SAMAP delivered video presentations and a mini expo to inspire the community to become entrepreneurial.






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