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Rusland: People in need do not receive social support

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The implementation of the help for the people is possibly flawed in some way. Gregory Rusland, the NPS head, made this statement in front of the legislature. Rusland insists that the full program must be seen. To make sure that the socially vulnerable in society are also included during this challenging time, a lot of money has been invested. “It appears that the assistance and numerous dollars invested in society are not getting to the individuals who need them. I thus implore the administration to ascertain the nature of the issues and the causes of the negative sentiment.

“People come to me every day looking for help. If the money came to the people, shouldn’t they receive it? There is something wrong with the implementation of the support towards the people”. According to the party leader, the system should be completely reevaluated.

According to the president of the Republic of Suriname, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, it would be good if a standing committee of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo) would be established. The committee should be charged with the complaints and registrations of the social program.




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