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Rusland: Government must set a good example

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NPS chairman Gregory Rusland has to deal with people who complain about the difficult situation in the country on a daily basis. In a few days the salary of the people is gone and It’s difficult to keep your head above water. The party leader said at the installation of six subdivisions in Para district that the government is doing many good things, but there are also things happening that make the people angry. When the people are expected to tighten their waist belt, the government must also lead by example. The people then do not trust the government and become irritated. Peace must be returned to the country.

The exchange rate that keeps going up causes the increase in goods and services. Rusland told his audience that Suriname has an import economy. Most of the goods in the stores are imported. People what to know what action NPS is taking to turn the situation around. The politician argued that the NPS is in government but does not have enough influence to do what she would like. The party needs to get a better position in the upcoming elections. We are working hard on this. Russia noted that from 2000 to 2010, the exchange rate has remained stable at SRD 2.80 for the US dollar. Then it was said that stability was not good and the money has ‘bobbed’ after 2010.

Rusland argued that unity in government is important. And political parties in the coalition are already campaigning. They are too much in the electoral sphere. There is fighting among themselves. On the way to becoming the presidency, all kinds of statements are made about popularity. This also shows that there is no unity of government, even if it is preached. According to Rusland, there is too much irritation in society.




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