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Rosebel Goldmines welcomes contractors

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Ontruiming Baka Nis uitgesteld

Vicepresident Ronnie Brunswijk heeft kortgeleden voor de aanvang van de vergadering van de Raad van Ministers de pers geïnformeerd dat ontruiming van de woongemeenschap Baka NIS is uitgesteld, na bemi...

Rosebel Gold Mines NV (RGM) is hosting the trade show “Think about your tomorrow” in Brokopondo Centrum on Friday, May 12. We are launching our “Pit Intrusion Public Awareness (PIPA)” campaign at this trade show as well. The PIPA attempts to inform and educate the public about the perils and severe repercussions of ‘Ukem’ or the unauthorized entry of industrial zones within the RGM mining operation. At the trade show, neighborhood companies and governmental organizations will enlighten students from the district about careers that are available besides small-scale gold mining and the Ukem phenomena.

The ministries of Justice & Police (Juspol) and Education, Science & Culture (Minowc), in addition to the RGM leadership and the DC of Brokopondo, will be present at the opening ceremony. The aforementioned will also compel the VOJ education students present at a special motivational meeting to continue their educational path in order to have a more expansive and fresh outlook on the future.



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