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Rosebel finances agricultural project in Brokopondo

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The Brokopondo Outgrowers project will soon start in the Brokopondo district, with 10 farmers who will be assisted in setting up their own business. Last week, Rosebel Gold Mines NV (Rosebel) and the Platform of Traditional Authorities Brokopondo signed a financing agreement for this project. Within the concept, each farmer will in turn allow 3 to 5 others from his village to grow agricultural products.

Jerry Finisie, Community Relations and Development Manager at Rosebel said that it’s a way to make Rosebel’s surrounding communities self-sufficient and to address the impact of the economic situation in the country. Finisie explained that a way to limit the risks of flooding has also been looked into. And a location has been chosen for the implementation of this project that is situated higher and not along a river. It is mainly about developing agricultural production in the district, in the most sustainable way.

The pilot project should give the agricultural sector in the district a significant boost by assisting farmers from the Communities of Interest (COI) of Rosebel in setting up an agricultural business.The signing has started the creation of local farms that can provide long-term sustainable income for the communities in Brokopondo, Rosebel said in a press release.

The agreement was signed by the General Manager of Rosebel, Michiel Fleischeuer, the chairman of the Platform of Traditional Authorities Brokopondo, Henry Kaffe, and the director of Bonanza Agro Industries, Linus Diko. Bonanza Agro Industries has been appointed as project coordinator and will contribute US $10,000 to the total costs. Rosebel is financing the necessary equipment for US $100,000, which consists of walking tractors, motor sprayers, diesel water pumps, brushcutters, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies.





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