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Roots from Apoera, a passion fruit planter, requests assistance from LVV

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At Apoera passion fruit plantation Mansandie Roots, Agriculture, Livestock Husbandry, and Fisheries (LVV) Minister Parmanand Sewdien puts his heart on the line. The little business owner struggled mightily to keep his passion fruit crop alive. Roots began cultivating 100 passion fruit plants with 32 business owners in 2019. Although they are tough, tenacious, and hard-working people, he told Sewdien that the growth of automated agriculture is essential. The minister pledged to investigate the viability of providing machinery to boost output and land cultivation.

On Saturday, the LVV administrator went to the Roots planting. A day before, he had traveled to the Kabalebo resort. Today, President Chan Santokhi will travel to western Suriname to officially open a number of facilities and initiatives. The businessman brought the minister a number of issues that complicate production. The difficult route to Nickerie makes it difficult to get goods to market. For further processing, Roots provides pulp from passion fruit. The government needs to make it easier for the locals to develop themselves, Sewdien concurred.

Roots is from Apoera, and his father taught him how to plant. As a hobby, he used to grow citrus trees, but the process took years before anything is produced. More than three years ago, he seized the chance to take part in the passion fruit cultivation pilot project. According to Roots, the passion fruit requires less time than citrus to start producing. He has been successful in sustaining, enhancing, and raising productivity.

The minister applauds the tenacity of businesspeople. The Covid epidemic was the initial problem. Following that, there were two floods, each of which the provider of passion fruit survived. He attempted to preserve his crops despite lightning, thunder, and torrential rain in order to keep his head above water. Now he is still standing with 6 entrepreneurs from the 32 who each started in 2019 with 100 passion fruit plants.







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