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RGD physicians won’t work weekend or afternoon outpatient shifts

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The Association of Regional Health Service Physicians has decided to stop hosting afternoon clinics as of today. Moreover, there will be no weekend service. Doctors will only be accessible by phone in the districts in case of emergencies.

This action model is being utilized in opposition to the Regional Health Service’s refusal to comply with the court decision regarding the 2021 desire package. It leaves a lot to be desired, according to Chairman Bobby Ramautar, speaking to the media.

The RGD has recently received the bundle of wishes for 2023 from the Association of Surinamese Physicians. Ramautar remarked, “But we have not received any phrase or sign from the RGD management. Everything is being put on the back burner.” In the meantime, living expenses are skyrocketing. Due to this, we have decided to halt the afternoon and weekend services for the time being. The choice has been communicated to RGD’s management. Although stating that it is impossible, the Association of Surinamese Physicians wishes to engage in discourse. Ramautar asserts that the RGD leadership does not adequately represent the concerns of the medical community.




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