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Return of numerous Sabaku Village properties voluntarily

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Clarity regarding the status of lands issued in the Sabaku Village must exist by February 28. The investigational presidential commission had requested a further six months. Following deliberation at the government summit, the committee has been allocated an additional month. Ronnie Brunswijk, vice president, leads the effort to determine who has received several plots. They are persuaded to voluntarily give this up. At the National Assembly on Monday night, President Chan Santokhi made this statement.

The Acting Attorney General Garcia Paragsingh has been consulted. She stated that the Public Prosecution Service is looking into the case’s validity on its own. The committee has discussed protocols and the administrative component. Moreover, legal counsel has been gotten. The president received the commission’s report two weeks ago.

According to the president, plots at Sabaku Village will become available and would be given to those who require them immediately. By the end of the month, he anticipates that the problems related to the land issue will be structurally resolved. If you refuse to participate with voluntary restitution, the next course of action will be reviewed by attorneys.

By 10:40 p.m., the government’s first round came to a conclusion. Today at 10 a.m. the National Assembly will hold its second round of voting.







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