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Rest returns to the soldiers, a new union forms

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A new labor union inside the defense industry has registered, or calm appears to have just returned to the National Army (NL) as the Ministry of Defense and the Association for the Legal Position of Military Persons (VRM) leadership are now on speaking terms. It relates to the Surinamese Military Trade Union (Mivaksur). The group, which is still coming together, has in the interim asked the army command and minister Krishna Mathoera to meet.

The minister said that before the group is invited for an interview, it would be verified. The minister declared that there is once more harmony inside the organization prior to the start of the Council of Ministers (RvM). Regarding the relationship with the VRM, she adds, “We adhere to the commitments made.

In fact, the ministry had sued this company, requesting that the judge order the VRM to cease its activities. Since these actions have stopped, it is being decided whether or not to withdraw the lawsuit.

Last year, the VRM requested a pay raise of more than SRD 11,000 per month. It was also necessary to raise military insurance to match police insurance levels. The legal standing of its members has been a source of contention for the VRM on numerous occasions.

The parties recently discussed the concerns and exchanged opinions. Agreements have been reached with each other’s attorneys present. The VRM is represented by lawyer Serena Essed and the Ministry of Defense by Antoon Karg and Gerold Sewcharan.







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