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Rest returned to Esther Stichting and Huize Ashiana

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According to Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo), peace has returned to the Esther Foundation and Huize Ashiana. Before the Council of Ministers meeting began, the minister recently remarked this. Both households’ disturbance has frequently been covered by the media.

The employees at Huize Ashiana were always in action because the government did not fulfill its agreement to pay the promised allowances. Because they had trouble getting by on their salaries, the employees expressed their demotivation.

The fluctuating fuel prices and ongoing exchange rate rises have only made things worse for the workers. Brenda van Daal, the director of Huize Ashiana, complained about the lack of personnel on the shop floor on numerous occasions recently.  Van Daal has also appealed to the government for more staff, but has received little response due to the civil servant freeze policy introduced on May 3 this year.



Situation Esther Foundation

Within the Esther Foundation, both residents and employees were dissatisfied with the director of the institution. Due to the ongoing problems with the management, the employees and residents repeatedly took action, resulting in a lack of peace in the home.

A few weeks ago, the minister and his team decided to hand over the directorship to the board of the Esther Foundation. Although peace has returned, the minister acknowledges that there is still a lot of work to be done. Proposals have already been submitted to bring about further change and improvement within the Esther Foundation.

Minister Ramsaran is grateful for the commitment and support of various organizations with regard to both homes. According to the minister, various organizations offered a helping hand during periods when employees took action.






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