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Released are entrepreneur Saya and a customs officer

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Yesterday, entrepreneur Jean “Saya” Mixon was freed. In this instance, a detained customs officer is also permitted to return home. He already had one of his colleagues at large. Saya’s release had previously been requested from the examining magistrate. Under-invoicing-related issues are typically resolved outside of the formal process.

Judge Lydia Ravenberg heard testimony from witnesses in Saya’s case today. They have stated that these cases are handled outside of court, much like the attorneys. Since October 7, Saya has been in police detention. He lamented his health on a regular basis. He complained about his medical care while he was in jail and requested to see his own doctor, but that was not permitted.

The businessman imported a high-end vehicle that was marked down. He was taken into custody with a lot of force. Saya has also claimed that his lengthy arrest has had a negative impact on his business.

The customs officer Ch. S. C., according to attorney Murwin Dubois, may also return home. Because extended detention was not required, the court made that decision at the hearing. Both Saya and the customs agent are affected by this. The judge who made the ex officio order to remove the custody is still looking into the issue.






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