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Re-elected as NPS chairman Sipaliwini’s is Pansa

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 Eddy Pansa has been re-elected for a second term as chairman of the department NPS in Sipaliwini. The party will begin mobilizing in Sipaliwini in anticipation of the parliamentary elections in May 2025 with the election and installation of the branch executive on Saturday.

Gregory Rusland, the chairman of the NPS, also oversaw the election of 12 boards for sub-departments spread throughout various areas/villages in addition to the installation of the departmental board in Man Lobi in the Upper Suriname region. Almost all districts now have a new board in place that will be in office for three years.

The educational infrastructure and the challenging financial status of the country are the key issues that have come to light as a result of the delegation from Rusland’s visit. The NPS says in a press release that people are struggling and that efforts will be made to address their issues.

The audience spontaneously referred to periods when the NPS had more influence and even national leadership, when a great deal of basic needs could be met with very little money thanks to a stable and reasonable exchange rate of 2.80 SRD for each U-dollar. People wish they could live better lives once more.





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