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Rc denies the release petition for “Pakittow”

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Yesterday, examining Judge (RC) Roy Elgin denied Stephano “Pakittow” Biervliet’s request for release. The RC deems his imprisonment to be legal. Benito Pick and Chandra Algoe, two counselors, have asked that Biervliet be released. He appeared yesterday before the RC.

The Covid-19 Exceptional Condition Act and rules enacted by the President of the Republic of Suriname with a specific focus on reducing the approach to Covid-19 were among the factors taken into account. Antoon Karg, a lawyer, makes this statement to the media.

He has not been released because the RC determined that the research interest was present. The verdict is being appealed by Pakittow’s attorney. Their client is still in Santo Boma, where 16 people are housed in a cell.





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