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Raw milk costs between SRD 14 and SRD 17.50 per kilogram

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Japanse niet-residerende ambassadeur bezoekt Suriname

De ambassadeur Japan, Yutaka Matsubara, die in Port of Spain resideert, heeft op donderdag 02 februari jongstleden een beleefdheidsbezoek gebracht aan minister Parmanand Sewdien van Landbouw, Veeteelt...

Raw milk purchases have gone up by 25% as of right now. The price per kilogram (kg) has increased from SRD 14.00 to SRD 17.50, and the carrier surcharge has been reduced to SRD 1 per kg. The suggestion of the dairy industry has once more been taken by Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) with this. According to the ministry, the growth has pleased the dairy producers.

Due to the rise in feed and other input costs on the domestic and global market, efforts are being taken to ensure that consumers will continue to be able to purchase milk while also maintaining the profitability of the dairy industry for dairy farmers.

For socially disadvantaged households registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing, the government has decided that the consumer price of pasteurized whole milk will be fixed at SRD 22.50 rather than SRD 27.50. There are 13 distribution points nationwide from which sales to socially disadvantaged homes will be made.

The government will import 1,500 dairy cows of the Girlando breed through the Ministry of LVV in order to boost regional raw milk production and to considerably decrease the import of milk powder. An area for quarantine that will eventually house these dairy cows is already being built. According to LVV, this has paved the way for additional growth in the dairy industry.







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