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Ravaksur is upset that the minimum wage is still in place

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The minimum hourly pay set by the Wage Council and accepted by the governing council on February 8 did not suit the Council of Trade Union Federations in Suriname (Ravaksur). The hourly minimum wage is established at SRD 38.50. SRD 20 was the sum. Ravaksur requests that the minimum hourly pay, as put forth by the Wage Council, be completed in a letter to President Chan Santokhi.

The union leaders write to the president expressing their extreme displeasure at bringing up this issue. All social partners have representatives on the Pay Council. The minimum hourly wage was decided after a careful examination of the pertinent statistics, including those from the General Bureau of Statistics and the Planning Bureau. Also, there have been talks with a number of social groups.

Labor, Employment, and Youth Affairs Minister Steven Mac Andrew first endorsed the National Pay Council’s recommendations. After then, the governing council gave their approval. The business community objected the minimum wage after it was announced, and it was then detained.

The trade union movement claims that it has consistently supported different government initiatives and served as a good partner. Frequently, room is also provided for the peaceful development of the nation. “Each time, the bill falls on the workers, but the stretch is gone. As a partner, we demand to be taken seriously “the union officials claim.

Errol Snijders (Moederbond), Robby Berenstein (C-47), Armand Zunder (PWO), Roy Haverkamp (FAL), Michal Miskin (coordinator CLO), Sonny Chotkan (OSAV), and Marcellino Nerkust all signed the letter to the president (FOLS).






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