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Rat infestation causes 7% of the damage to rice growers

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Maatregelen tegen stijgende wisselkoers

Er zullen maatregelen genomen worden om de stijgende koers te beteugelen, zodat de rust in het land wederkeert en de koers niet (veel) verder stijgt. Dit maakte President Chandrikapersad Santokhi op d...

According to Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) Minister Prahlad Sewdien, the rat epidemic has caused a total of 7% harm to the rice growers. The committee to fight the rat plague gave a presentation, and it was evident that the infestation had virtually returned to its pre-presentation level. That doesn’t imply we need to remain seated right now. There have been decisions made. One of them is the installation of a monitoring system to keep an eye on the rat infestation and alert people in case something similar happens again. Help has been requested from the World Care Organization internationally , and we are currently looking into funding and expertise for this in an effort to stop it from happening again. It’s probable that the rat epidemic will recur due to climate change, according to the LVV minister.

The government is compiling a list of the losses incurred by the farmers so that it can assess compensation options. The experts’ current assessment of the damage is 7%.

The team is currently conducting additional study, however no potentially dangerous residues in fish have been identified to date at high concentrations.





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