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Ramsukul wishes to reverse the acquisition of Sabaku Village

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Kishan Ramsukul (VHP), an assemblyman, queries the administration about the possibility of reversing the purchase of Sabaku Village. 500 people will profit from the $12 million US site purchase. While doing this, production must be stimulated and healthcare must be funded. This is equivalent to 360 million SRD when converted, with 100 million SRD going into the production fund.

Ramsukul suggested during the budget hearing on Tuesday night that Sabaku Village’s funds could be used more effectively. Today, the government is speaking. The assemblyman suggested holding a vote elsewhere for those who were granted land in Sabaku Village. He questions why the project was chosen to be purchased by the previous administration. It’s a gray area, he says.

The Presidential Commission on Procedure and Administrative Matters has issued a report, the President Chan Santokhi previously informed The National Assembly. By no later than February 28, a decision must be made. Under the direction of Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, discussions will be made with recipients of several packages to encourage them to return them voluntarily in the interim.

Staatsolie acquired the project after deducting dividends payable to the government. The Ministry of Land Policy and Forestry allocated the plots in record speed. A legality investigation is also conducted by the Public Prosecution Service in addition to the presidential panel.





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