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Ramsaran is summoned by Brunswijk to address reporters

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Journalists questioned Uraiqit Ramsaran, Minister of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo), before to the commencement of the Council of Ministers, on the situation surrounding the registration of senior citizens’ purchasing power. The minister did not feel the need to address the media, nevertheless. When this was brought up, vice president Ronnie Brunswijk said he was unsure of the specifics of registration but that the government had previously decreed that those who are eligible can register through Social Affairs.

“I know that a very large list has been presented of several thousand people who have already registered, but if there are still problems, communication needs to be better.” Brunswijk ordered the minister to speak to the media immediately about this matter. Following the VP’s order, the minister was now prepared to provide information to the journalists. He indicated that the SRD 1800 is at full speed. The money is there and deposits are being made for the people. Ramsaran indicates that he has drawn up a proposal to accommodate senior citizens more easily.



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