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Rampersad founds an animal political party

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Founder of the Surinamese Party for Animals is Hubert Rampersad (SPD). The pursuit of an animal-friendly society and knowledge of animal rights and welfare in Suriname are the key themes. The SPD will run in the upcoming elections because, in the opinion of this new party, animal rights and welfare do not exist in Suriname. Animal cruelty and the disposal of stray dogs and cats are commonplace in Suriname, and the political parties in power have no regard for animal rights or welfare. Warren Rampersad and Sherita Ramlal, the board’s secretary, are also members (treasurer).

SPD hopes that by launching this project, Surinamese people will become more conscious of animal rights and welfare issues. The group claims to be deeply concerned about the plight of animals and seeks to educate Surinamese people about how Covid-19 came to be as a result of a disregard for animal rights. The people of Suriname must begin to understand that protecting the environment and ending animal suffering are essential for the nation’s sustainable growth. They must understand that in order to live sustainably in the new normal, humans must live in harmony with the environment and other living things.

All of the recognized political parties in Suriname, in SPD’s opinion, are corrupt and seek political influence in order to further their own financial interests. They don’t care about the wellbeing of animals since they are too busy stealing. SPD does not pursue political influence. In order to pass legislation promoting animal care and protection, the party will mobilize support for animal rights among other political parties and raise public knowledge of animal-related issues. For this, SPD requires at least three seats in the DNA, which the party seeks to win in Paramaribo and Wanica. Rampersad, a Dutchman, will continue to lead the party as chairman and primary sponsor.

Due to the nation’s dire financial position, dogs and cats are being abandoned in large numbers. Additionally, SPD works to assuage these creatures’ suffering from hunger, itchiness, and discomfort by sterilizing as many stray dogs and cats as possible. The event also emphasizes providing care and food for stray animals in need, among other things. These animals will receive medical attention in addition to sterilization and vaccinations with the assistance of neighborhood veterinarians. Puppies, as well as adult dogs and cats, will also be looking for a new home.

Additionally, there is a food bank for animals. The pet food bank will be established exclusively for pet owners who, because of their financial condition, are temporarily having trouble keeping their animals healthy. Then, using this food bank, food will be made freely available for various kinds of pets. In addition, SPD plans to establish stray animal sanctuaries around Suriname, beginning in Paramaribo. The party will also fight to make the law more stringent in order to protect all animals.







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