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Ramdin: We’re going to talk to Guyana about the Tigris

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Wegen Bernharddorp te Para worden aangepakt

Er is op vrijdag 12 april jongstleden een aanvang gemaakt met het bezanden van wegen te Bernarddorp in het district Para. Minister Riad Nurmohamed, de minister van Openbare Werken heeft zich persoonli...

Albert Ramdin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Commerce, and International Cooperation, claims that a border investigation has been started with relation to the Tigri area and that discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take place. Guyana’s Foreign Affairs, our neighbor across the border. Ramdin claims that efforts will be made to find a permanent solution to the border disputes.

The ministry claims that the Guyana press has been reporting conflicting information. It has been decided to discuss this with the other minister, but all information has been promised and asked in a diplomatic note. This is a protest against that. Satellite photographs have also been gathered and studied in the interim. We don’t yet have a good picture of this since, according to the Bibis minister, sometimes the satellite image details show that something is just outside the area and other times they show that it is in the area.

Also, a meeting has been scheduled with the interior minister to talk about this issue as soon as possible. “Our position is crystal apparent; Tigri is on the Suriname map.” There have been reports from both sides. The newest information from the Guyana side has not yet been met with a response. The Guyanese minister indicated that due to internal circumstances, the presidency will be changed on their side. The process is quietly awaited, Ramdin indicates.




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