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Ramdin: Security unions suggest two grants

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On Saturday, the group of ministers and the security unions had a productive conversation. Two allowances may be proposed by each of the unions representing the fire brigade, the Corps of Penitentiary Officers, and the Security and Assistance Service. A number of specific recommendations are on the table, according to Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation. Ramdin is the Trade Unions cluster’s chairman.

Ramdin notes that they each gave the other their complete attention. At the debate was also Maurits Hassankhan, the head of the Government Negotiating Body (OO). Furthermore, Ministers Stanley Raghoebarsing (Finance & Planning), Bronto Somohardjo (Home Affairs) and Kenneth Amoksi (Justice & Police) were present.

The individual unions will continue discussions with the OO on Monday, which has a mandate to make further agreements. The proposals will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance & Planning, which will calculate them further. Ramdin noted that matters could be finalized on Monday, after which the outcome could be reported to President Chan Santokhi.

It has also been agreed that SRD 17.5 million will be released at the end of the month for facilities and purchases that were previously planned. As much accommodation as possible will be provided where possible. Regarding the structural expansion of disposable income, Ravaksur and various trade unions will meet at the table on Thursday.





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