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Ramdin confirms talks with US refugee

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Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation confirms to the news press that the government of the United States (US) is in talks with various countries about the reception of refugees from Afghanistan. They are being taken care of in a refugee camp in Kosovo. People have been in refugee camps for more than a year. An exploratory conversation has also been held with Suriname.

The news was released today by The Wall Street Journal. Ambassador Marten Schalkwijk has confirmed to the American newspaper that Suriname is considering cooperation. A team will be set up to conduct further discussions. These are refugees who do not meet the entry requirements to be admitted to the US.

Minister Ramdin explained that talks are ongoing and in particular the assessment of the information they are currently receiving. Suriname is known as a friendly and welcoming country. As part of our solidarity with the international community, this possibility is being considered. They would also like that in addition to the assessment of the displaced persons to be received, there are certainties with regard to the guidance of those involved by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and also the necessary financial assistance.

Ramdin emphasized that it concerns a few people, whose profiles are shared with Suriname. This process of admitting refugees is supervised and facilitated by the IOM.





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