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Ramdin: Brunswijk’s coronation is over, let’s get back to business as usual

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Ronnie Brunswijk, vice president and chairman of the ABOP, has been crowned. Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation Albert Ramdin told the journalists, “Now we have to get on with the business of the day.” He observes that there are a great deal of crucial concerns that demand discussion. There should be no ambiguity regarding the state structure in the nation where the president holds executive authority.

The minister emphasizes that the coronation of Brunswijk as king is a private matter. There are no rights, obligations or privileges associated with this on behalf of the State. Ramdin argues that Brunswijk was elected vice president by the National Assembly. This leads to responsibilities and duties that need to be fleshed out further.

The government is committed to making the country’s economy healthy. Suriname must become a better and prosperous country. That is a difficult process, the minister notes. That is why unity is needed in the government, but also in the country. This must be achieved together with the trade union movement, the business community, the National Assembly, NGOs and institutes. Society is based on peace, security and unity in which everyone must move forward, says the minister.

Brunswijk was ceremonially installed on Saturday by 3 African kings, representatives of the African Royal Kingdom (ARK). It is the first time that the ARK crowns a king outside Africa, the representatives indicate. The organization is convinced that Brunswijk can lead the descendants of Africans in Suriname and the rest of the world to development.





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