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Ramdin: ‘Action group’ received incredibly favorable feedback

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According to Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation, no agreements regarding whether or not a decision would be made regarding the issuance of vouchers to teachers were made with the action group “Wi Sa Strey.” Representatives of the action group made the idea, which will be further discussed with President Chan Santokhi. A group of ministers recently received a representative of the organization at the president’s request. The minister claims that the media has misinterpreted some events.

Discussions have occasionally been held with a group that is neither formally established or subject to statutory regulation. The president addressed the public. Ramdin emphasizes in a media interview that the organization has been made aware that the unions are the government’s discussion partner.He stated that the trade unions should be used to further address the issues that have been brought up. At the meeting his coworkers from Finance & Planning and Home Affairs. Additionally present were the director of education and the government’s negotiating body.

The current problems were discussed with the group, and practical solutions were sought. These include transport, food, arrears of allowances, dispositions. According to Ramdin, it has been explained to people that if promises are made, they will also apply to others. Education matters are discussed further with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.





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