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Ramdien soliciting presidential intervention

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Assembly member Harriet Ramdien (VHP) is deeply concerned about the worse form of crime. She has repeatedly asked the attention of the National Assembly about the security situation in the country, but she notices that the robberies are not decreasing. People live in fear and of great danger. The district of Nickerie, which has always been known as one of the safest districts, has been rocked in recent days by murder and robbery in broad daylight. That is why she wrote a letter to President Chan Santokhi asking for quick action.

“In recent times it often happens that crime takes on more serious forms. Even the old people are not spared and it seems that the attack on this target group is the highest. While this target group, which now expects to have a carefree old age, is struggling to survive with their AOV and pension, they become victims of robberies and live in constant fear.

ÀEntrepreneurs, who create employment and generate income for the country, are also targeted. If the newspapers are thrown open, we are concerned to read all the forms of crime in size and type. During meetings with people, I often have to deal with concerned citizens who no longer feel safe. There is a kind of fear to be seen in public.

President, under your rule as Minister of Justice and Police we have had a track record of zero tolerance. With you now as president, it is expected that things will continue to improve in this area of security and law enforcement across the country, and as well at the country’s borders. President, you are requested to intervene urgently and with the utmost urgency, so that we can live in a safe Suriname again. Hoping for quick intervention on your part, I remain with kind regards,” Ramdien writes.




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